Parkwood Cup 2009-2010 Rounds 1 and 2 Summary  
Nick Coombs R1+R2 95 1st
Robert Radford R1+R2 92 2nd
Anthony Hucks R1+R2 91 Joint 3rd
Steve McNeill R1+R2 91 Joint 3rd
Chris Rogers R1+R2 89 Joint 4th
Steven Saxbee R1+R2 89 Joint 4th
David Wigham R1+R2 88 Joint 5th
John Brimecombe R1+R2 88 Joint 5th
Graham Bridgewater R1+R2 87 Joint 6th
Lorraine Grey R1+R2 87 Joint 6th
Ray Garlick R1+R2 87 Joint 6th
Ray Fothergill R1+R2 86 7th
Dave Page R1+R2 85 Joint 8th
Jim Buckley R1+R2 85 Joint 8th
Sandra Thompson R1+R2 85 Joint 8th
Suzanne Bartolo R1+R2 85 Joint 8th
Carol Cassin R1+R2 84 Joint 9th
Tony Dodd R1+R2 84 Joint 9th
Paul Rayment R1+R2 83 Joint 10th
Peter King R1+R2 83 Joint 10th
Graham Ferguson R1+R2 82 Joint 11th
Jim McCarthy R1+R2 82 Joint 11th
Jon Sharrad R1+R2 82 Joint 11th
Sid Gilbert R1+R2 82 Joint 11th
Alison Small R1+R2 81 12th
Andrea Barker R1+R2 79 Joint 13th
Pat Keast R1+R2 79 Joint 13th
Stephen Long R1+R2 79 Joint 13th
Dave Graham R1+R2 77 Joint 14th
Julia Pickup R1+R2 77 Joint 14th
Steve Holmes R1+R2 77 Joint 14th
Ben Winder R1+R2 76 15th
Leslie Sheward R1+R2 75 16th
Gina Winder R1+R2 72 17th
John James R1 ONLY 56 18th
Ronnie Murray R1 ONLY 54 19th
Richard Molnar R1 ONLY 51 Joint 20th
Sam Thomson R1 ONLY 51 Joint 20th
Dean Downey R1 ONLY 49 Joint 21st
Rob Suchley R1 ONLY 49 Joint 21st
John Cox R2 ONLY 33 22nd
Ann Harper R2 ONLY 30 23rd
Michael Selleck R2 ONLY 29 24th
Nigel Jones R2 ONLY 25 25th

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