Cesar's Challenge 2010
Judge:- Glyn Bareham LRPS CPAGB 4th October 2010
Title Club Author Score
Evening At The Pier Sittingbourne Rita Howse 20
Hawthorn On The Windswept South Downs Parkwood Kev Bell 20
Heres Another One Malling David Hall 20
Kiss At Dusk Parkwood Sandra Thompson 20
Newhaven Cliffs Parkwood Kev Bell 20
Newhaven Rockpools Parkwood Kev Bell 20
Sailing Race Parkwood Glen Diamond 20
The South Downs Parkwood Kev Bell 20
Blazing Saddles Parkwood Glen Diamond 19
Chill Out Sheppey Dot Whitbourne 19
Fire Art Parkwood Lorraine Grey 19
Pavilion Sheppey Terry Deadman 19
Rottingdean Windmill Sheppey Terry Deadman 19
A Day On The Beach Reflex Gary Botten 18
Brighton Beach Sheppey Tony Clayton 18
Brothers in Arms Malling Don Beevis 18
Caught In The Act Sittingbourne Sam Pellat 18
Evening Light Sittingbourne Su Flood 18
Extreme Decorating Malling Peter Walker 18
Juggler No Audience Brighton Beach Sittingbourne Steven T Beard 18
Kaleidoscope Park Parkwood Glen Diamond 18
Meditating Kipling Gardens Malling Don Beevis 18
Newhaven Harbour Wall Parkwood Kev Bell 18
Piddinghoe Tart Parkwood Karen Bridgewater 18
Relaxing On Brighton Pier Reflex Gary Botten 18
Shadow Sands Sittingbourne Su Flood 18
Sky High Sittingbourne John Whorlow 18
The Bandstand Sheppey Terry Deadman 18
The Competition Sittingbourne Steven T Beard 18
Water Sport Sittingbourne Su Flood 18
Beach Hut Sheppey Tony Clayton 17
Before The Crowds Malling Paul Davison 17
Bolt Out Of The Blue Newhaven Port Malling Don Beevis 17
Carpark Brighton Marina Reflex Alan Bennett 17
In The Shade Sittingbourne Sam Pellat 17
Messing On The Water Sittingbourne Rita Howse 17
Park Entertainer Reflex Hilary Bennett 17
Reflection Of Brighton Sittingbourne No Name Given      17
Saltdean Lido Malling Brian Hayes 17
Southdowns To Brighton Reflex Hilary Bennett 17
Tattood Stall Holder Reflex Hilary Bennett 17
The Dome Sittingbourne John Whorlow 17
Waiting For Some Bums Malling Neil Davison 17
Beach Brollies Sheppey Dot Whitbourne 16
Brighton Station Parkwood Ronnie Murray 16
I didnt see him Reflex Alan Bennett 16
It Was Terrific Parkwood Ronnie Murray 16
Low Tide Newhaven Parkwood <Author unknown>  16
Puzzle Sheppey Dot Whitbourne 16
Rock Pooling Sheppey Harry Slack 16
St Bartholomews Malling Paul Davison 16
The Lanes Reflex Gary Botten 16
United Colors Of Brighton Sittingbourne Steven T Beard 16
Watering The Course Reflex Alan Bennett 16
You Must Be Kidding Parkwood Ronnie Murray 16
An Old Swinger Malling Chris Hall 15
Art Or Graffiti Reflex Hilary Bennett 15
Bag Man Sittingbourne Sam Pellat 15
Beach Praise Sheppey Roy Whitbourne 15
Brighton Bowling Club Sheppey Terry Deadman 15
Dancing On The Bandstand Sheppey Dot Whitbourne 15
Huts And Highrise Sheppey Roy Whitbourne 15
Mirror Cross Malling Jean Laity 15
Music and Pavilion Reflex Gary Botten 15
Oh Dear Should Have Asked Reflex Alan Bennett 15
One Thirty Five Reflex Gary Botten 15
Rottingdean Altar Malling Steve Laity 15
Spectacles Cool Man Reflex Alan Bennett 15
Brighton Racecourse Reflex Hilary Bennett 14
Cobbles Sheppey Roy Whitbourne 14
Grand Canyon Sittingbourne Iain Blacklock 14
Gull and Derelict Jetty Sheppey Tony Clayton 14
Poppy Malling Steve Laity 14
Red Biddy Malling Peter Walker 14
Reflected Pavilion Malling Neil Davison 14

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