5 Way Digital Battle 2010
5 Way Digital Battle 2010, Hosted by Parkwood CC Judge: Roger Force FRPS DPAGB CPAGB
      15   42ND STREET CABS     David Blackburn Sittingbourne
14         A PIECE OF LONDON EYE     Paul Rayment Parkwood
        19 A PORTRAIT OF AN OSTRICH     Martin Ramsey Reflex
  16       ACCELERATION     Alexander Johnson Malling
    14     AFT     Dougie A Cole Sheppey
  15       AVALANCHE AT LAKE LOUISE     Steve Laity Malling
      20   BACK OF THE NET     Iain Blacklock Sittingbourne
        16 BEACH HUTS     Colin Pillen Reflex
  14       BIG BEN THRU EYE     David Hall Malling
    18     BIKE MAN AND THE MASTS     Terry Deadman Sheppey
        18 BLUE HERON     Colin Pillen Reflex
      20   BLUE JAYS     John Holmes Sittingbourne
17         BRANDS     Steve McNeill Parkwood
    15     BROADSTAIRS BEACH     Dot Whitbourne Sheppey
        18 CHIMNEYS IN THE MIST     Jean Perry Reflex
14         CHROME     Pat Keast Parkwood
        17 CLUB TAIL DRAGONFLY     Ron Ward Reflex
      18   DAMSELFLIES MATING     Elvy Helman Sittingbourne
      19   DEW DROP     Heidi Shreeve Sittingbourne
18         DINING ROOM     David Wigham Parkwood
  15       DOUBLE TAKE     David Hall Malling
  16       DRINKA PINTA MILKA DAY     John Pollock Malling
15         FATHER AND SON GO FISHING     Chris Rogers Parkwood
    18     FLIGHT PATH     Terry Deadman Sheppey
        17 FROG     John Brown Reflex
16         FROZEN WATER     Gregory Warran Parkwood
        14 GARDEN HIGHLIGHT     Janis Spice Reflex
    15     GARDEN SPIDER     Gordon Eley Sheppey
      19   GHOSTS     Su Flood Sittingbourne
    17     I'M FOREVER BLOWING BUBBLES     Harry Slack Sheppey
20         ISLE OF GRAIN     Robert Radford Parkwood
        18 KJOSFOSSON     Gary Pritchard Reflex
  16       LANDFALL     Roy Levens Malling
  15       LONDON OLD & NEW     Paul Davison Malling
        15 LOOKING AT OUR WORLD     John Amey CPAGB Reflex
    17     MORNING LIGHT OVER DERWENT WATER  Harry Slack Sheppey
        18 MY CHILDREN     Victor Cassar CPAGB Reflex
    15     NILE SCENE (ASWAN)     Tony Clayton Sheppey
      19   ORANGE TIP BUTTERFLY     Elvy Helman Sittingbourne
        18 OSTRICH AND CHICKS     Terry Thorn CPAGB Reflex
  15       PINK LADY AND CREW     Paul Davison Malling
16         PUT ME BACK ON TRACK     lorraine grey Parkwood
17         RED LIPSTICK     Andy James Parkwood
    16     REMEMBERING     Roy Whitbourne Sheppey
  18       RUSHING TIDE     John Pollock Malling
15         SCHOOL HOUSE     Robert Radford Parkwood
    15     SNOW ON THE MOUNTAINS     Roy Whitbourne Sheppey
      16   SPIRAL STAIRCASE     Mick Butler Sittingbourne
    16     ST THOMAS     Dougie A Cole Sheppey
  15       STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD     Paul Davison Malling
  17       THE EYES HAVE IT     Karen Jones Malling
20         THE JETTY     Jim McCarthy Parkwood
  16       THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY     Brian Hayes Malling
    15     THE SHEPPEY CROSSING (ANOTHER VIEW)     Tony Clayton Sheppey
      20   THE WILD BUNCH     Richard Walton Sittingbourne
      18   TUNNEL     Richard Walton Sittingbourne
13         VIADUCT AND HAY     Kev Bell Parkwood
        19 WAITING FOR THE RAINS     Tony Mitchell Reflex
      18   WALKWAY     Elvy Helman Sittingbourne
      17   WAXED LIGHTS OLD AND NEW     Steven Beard Sittingbourne
195 188 191 219 207 Totals    
        1st Sittingbourne 219  
        2nd Reflex 207  
        3rd Parkwood 195  
        4th Sheppey 191  
        5th Malling 188  

Last Updated on 23/02/2010
By David Wigham. Parkwood Camera Club

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