The Parkwood Online Flickr Competition

How it works

Each round of the competition will be opened as a FlickR topic with a set theme.

To enter you post up to two images into the theme. When the round is closed you will get a chance to vote for your favorite 3 images.

The winner is the image with most points when the voting has closed.

Opening and closing dates for each round will be displayed within the topic.

An example of a previous round from last year’s competition is here:-

The competition will be open to all Parkwood Camera Club members. All Parkwood members are eligible to vote.

There will be a league table as the rounds progress.


Each person can enter up to 2 images per round, please ensure they relate to the theme at hand.

Images must be displayed no larger than 500 pixels wide or 500 pixels high, whichever the greater (i.e. choose ‘Medium’ under “All sizes” when posting).

Once an image is posted it can be deleted by the person entering it (leaving the text entry number) but it is not permitted to substitute it with a different image.

Images entered must be the entrant’s own work.

Voting for your own work is not allowed.

The same photo should not be entered again in a later round.

How to Submit images

1) Post the images you are entering on your Flickr Photo stream first.

2) Above the image you will see the Actions tab, click on the second arrow. (next to the facebook/Twitter icons)

3) Click on, Grab the HTML/BBCode (medium size) (HTML) and copy the text.

4) Go to the competition thread and at the bottom click, ‘Reply to this thread’ and just paste the text into the reply.

5) Above the pasted text Make sure you number the reply consecutively (IE, if the previous image was 14, then number yours 15 and give it a title. (e.g. 15, A Sunset)


At voting time, members can choose the images, which in their opinion represent the top three entries from the current competition round. This is done by recording 3 image numbers in order of preference, for example: 15, 2, 9. In this example image 15 is the voters 1st choice and image 2 is the voters 2nd choice. The order of the votes carries with it a score value; the 1st vote = 5 Points. 2nd vote = 3 Points and the 3rd vote = 1 Point. To place your 3 votes simply post them in the “Reply to this topic?” box under the current competition (Discussion Topic).

At the end of the voting period all votes will be counted, and verified by a second administrator and the winner will be announced.

By entering this competition you also agree that your image may be selected and entered into the 'Championship' competition run by ’Advanced Photographer' magazine Please notify an admin if you do not want your image used in this way.

League Table

The ten highest scoring images from each round will get points for the league table which will be updated after each round.

The scores for the league table are based on the following system.

Highest scoring image for the round = 25 pts 2nd highest scoring = 18 pts 3rd = 15 4th = 12 5th = 10 6th = 8 7th = 6 8th = 4 9th = 2 10th = 1

After all the rounds are complete, (number of rounds to be announced) the member with most points will take the “Parkwood Online Photo Competition Champion” title for the year. The second and third place will also be announced.

If two images get the same score then the image with the highest number of 1st choice votes wins or if its still equal then by highest number of 2nd place and then by third. In the event of a complete tie then the images will both receive the place points for that round.

Notes: Photos entered in this Online Competition can also be used in any other Parkwood competition. If any member enters more than 2 images in any round the third and any subsequent images will be deleted.


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