The Committee Challenge Rules

As the name suggests, this is a Committee versus the Members challenge – so each committee member and each club member are invited to submit no more than 2 images. There is no set theme for this competition.

The images should be no more than 1024 pixels wide, and no more than 768 pixels high.

For information on how to resize images, see:-

The image files should be named in the format:-
TITLE by Author Name.jpg

The TITLE should be in uppercase (capital letters)
The "by" must be in lowercase (small letters)
Spaces either side of "by" must be single spaces (Necessary for the projection software we use).

For example SUNSET OVER HILLS by John Smith.jpg

Please find two good photographs on any subject and submit them as follows:

Committee members please submit your images to David Wigham
Club members please submit your images to Sandra Thompson at mawibbley[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk

(Where [at] means "@" and [dot] mean ".") (Sandra's address shown in the above format to prevent web crawlers from adding to "spam" lists)


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