Treasurer's Report 2010-2011 by Andy James


With 88 members this year has broken records for our membership numbers. The committee have considered introducing a membership limit but have decided that flexibility will be better for managing the numbers in future although we have to remain within our insurance limit of 100.

This year we have a new auditor to assist Dave Graham. Sid Gilbert who had audited the club's accounts for many years sadly passed away during the year and will be much missed both as a long standing member of the club and as auditor who assisted me taking the reins as treasurer.

As in recent years the interest rates on our surplus balance are virtually nil and there seems no prospect of interest rates rising in the near future. It is important to note that interest rates available to private savers are not offered to clubs or companies so we have no real option to change this.

During the year we have again invested heavily in equipment for club members to use and we urge members to make the most of this equipment. Although we have a healthy balance one item that may be needed in future is a new higher resolution projector, which would be a substantial investment for the club and deplete our balances.

After the loss made at the 2009 Christmas meal, this year was far more successful and raised money for Kent Air Ambulance. The charity fund raising has been a major success this year and members are to be congratulated for the magnificent sum of £1000 that has been raised over the last 12 months.

In summary the club's financial position remains healthy. Although it appears that we have a large and increasing balance we need to have funds available to replace any items of equipment over the next few years and to cover any possible increase in costs to cover a possible new location when we are unable to use Parkwood on the second Monday of the month.