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OPUS Albums is the specialist site in print-your-own albums. Many amateurs and pro’s have seen the value and enjoyment in printing your own albums.

I have produced many - can testify how pleasing the results are – and even more so what acceptable gifts they can be. Now we’ve written the book on making great albums – to increase your members’ enjoyment, satisfaction and productivity.

In fact it is 3 e-books in one. More than that, usually priced at £4.99, it is FREE to your members. Please download it – and pass it round your Photo Club. Make a Great Photo Album Yourself!

Make a Great Inkjet Photo Album Yourself Make a Great Digital Scrapbook Yourself! Make a Great Photo Story Book Yourself!

To download – just go to

We would like to remind you of the compelling case for presenting your pictures in printed albums.

· The results look so much more pleasing than 6x4 prints · albums make great gifts – thank-you for a party, etc.

· The record is permanent (will Windows 2020 read your current .jpg and .tif files? – let alone your CD/DVD and memory card)

· In a couple of years your photo viewer will be replaced.

· Albums are compact

· With the right software (we recommend Fotoslate 4) they are so quick and easy to produce

· You can add a story – or make a scrapbook – variations of the same thing – but according to your desire. The ladies especially like this!

· Doing them yourself, you can modify/update them – add pages and have the results immediately

· What is more they are not at all expensive (Under £6 including VAT and Photo Club* discount) – for typically 90 pictures on the more economic Print & Bind – obviously more with the archival quality Photo Art – but still very good value for money. · What is the value of your memories? With current digital photography they are in danger of being lost. * if your Photo Club is registered with us.

To register go to

We are also coming up with a series of Great Album Guides. The first are Wedding Day OPUS Photo Art and Print & Bind inkjet photo albums offer many great ideas for preserving wedding memories

Football Print photos and story of 2007 football in OPUS photo album. Photos of champions league, FA cup, Chelsea, Manchester United, goal, pass, save, fans, red card. Fathers Day (and after) If Dad is keen on photography and you don't know what to get for father's day - what about a pack of inkjet photo albums from OPUS - with Fotoslate 4?

Your Baby Album There is only one opportunity to capture the key events in your new baby's life. Once captured OPUS is the ideal medium to keep and share those precious moments. See ten tips for baby albums Party time

A party can be a simple gathering, or it can be a lavish or formal event. It is about people – and activities. All these produce memories - albums for you, for your hosts and for the guests. Kids' stuff Adults love children’s parties as much as the children. They are the ones too who enjoy looking back at a well produced record of that delightful birthday party or other event.

Here are some tips to guide you in creating an album – for your own record – or for the parents, grandparents for that occasion. On Vacation The events of a holiday form a story. Whether it is a three week adventure or a three-day short break, there is plenty of material to put it into a form that you will remember – and can look back on after years. And there’s more to come.

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